Lecture: Artificial intelligence for assessment

A lecture by Prof. Dr. Petra Ahrweiler on the topic "Artificial intelligence for assessment" in the "Cicle de Seminaris OEIAC: La intel·ligència artificial en la nostra vida quotidiana" organized by the University of Girona.

New Research Project: "AI NAVI"

The Volkswagen Foundation has funded a new project planning grant with the TISSS Lab: AI Navigation of Complex Social Landscapes (AI NAVI).

AI NAVI will explore if and how Artificial Intelligence is influencing socio-political decision making, contributing to contemporary manifestations of populism around the world. The TISSS Lab at JGU Mainz will lead and coordinate the research efforts of a consortium of interdisciplinary social, cognitive and computer scientists at the Universities of Gießen, Mainz, Newcastle, Surrey and the Deutschen Forschungszentrums für Künstliche Intelligenz to design an innovative, integrated approach to study these complex events.

New Research Project: "AI FORA"

Our new research project AI FORA is funded by the VW Foundation in the course of a 9-month planning grant which serves as a first step towards a multi-annual project. Our unit coordinates an interdisciplinary and international consortium which will investigate highly topical questions within the context of an ongoing rise of artificial intelligence: What are the effects of an increase in AI systems that assess human behaviour and how does society react towards this development? What are the social, political, legal and ethical implications of these modern computer programmes that more and more penetrate social structures?

New Project Funded

Following a successful bidding by Nigel Gilbert, Alex Penn and Petra Ahrweiler, the ESRC has granted funding for a new, CECAN-related research project entitled 'New approaches to Participatory Steering and Evaluation of Complex Adaptive Systems'. The upcoming funding will serve the development of an international network. The main activity will be to organize a highly interactive workshop for international participants that will take place nearby the University of Surrey in February 2019.