Blanca Luque


Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Faculty 02: Social Sciences, Media, and Sports
Institute of Sociology
Sociology of Technology and Innovation

Jakob-Welder-Weg 20
55128 Mainz

Philosophicum II
Room 03-309


Blanca Luque Capellas  has been working as a research associate at the unit of Sociology of Technology and Innovation, Social Simulation, since October 2021 and works on a PhD in the frame of the AI-FORA project.

She studied Sociology (master’s degree) and Mediation (master’s degree), both in Barcelona. Between 2006 and 2020, she worked as a research assistant and project manager at several universities and institutions settled in Catalonia and Chile. She has been involved in research projects related to social inequalities, religion, public policies and education, among others, dealing with the implementation of several social research methodologies and different social contexts. Besides, she has studied and trained in conflict mediation, both in Catalonia and Chile. At the moment, she's also coordinating the updating of the Religious Map of Catalonia.


Research Interests:

  • Interrelation between society and technological innovations
  • Social inequalities
  • Social research methods
  • Religion and society