The Chair „Sociology of Technology and Innovation, Social Simulation“ is currently developing a new English-language subject-related teaching field featuring a range of BA and MA courses first open in Winter Semester 2018/2019.

The future course portfolio will include, for example, a basic lecture „Introduction to Sociology of Technology and Innovation“ followed by further introductory and advanced seminars such as the advanced seminar „Innovation Networks“ in the winter semester 2018/2019, or the innovative methods focus on „Social Simulation“.

Exam work and theses will be presented, discussed and supervised in the Colloquium.

We also welcome PhD candidates and other early-career researchers at our unit. Projects need to relate to our thematic research profile requiring the particular research infrastructure of TISSS Lab.

For effectively working with us, we offer specific methods training for our PhD candidates (quantitative and qualitative methods of empirical research, social network analysis, agent-based modelling etc.). Furthermore, we support our PhD researchers in publishing their research results in international scientific journals, in participating in scientific conferences, and in building their own research networks.

PhD projects can either be embedded in our externally-funded research projects, or can be funded by individual grants of PhD programmes.

We will be delighted to advise interested graduates with very good or good degrees concerning both, thematic opportunities for PhD projects at our place and potential funding options. Please contact Prof. Dr. Petra Ahrweiler (petra.ahrweiler@uni-mainz.de).



Fellows of the „Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes“ (German Academic Scholarship Foundation) at St. John’s College of University of Cambridge, UK are invited to join the course „Policy Modelling Using Agent-Based Simulation“ led by Prof. Dr. Petra Ahrweiler and fellow sociologist Prof. Dr. Nigel Gilbert (University of Surrey, UK) in late Summer 2018 at the Studienstiftungs-Akademie „Zukunft. Future“ in Cambridge, UK.

This seminar will be open for JGU students in summer semester 2019.